Investigation and Surveillance Services - 30 Years of Experience - Licensed in Minnesota and Wisconsin
Is your Spouse or Ex using the COVID 19 Pandemic to keep you from seeing your Children? Private Investigators are considered Essential and can be hired to help in these unprecedented times. Contact us today to find out more.
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Evidentiary Services LLC performs quality investigation and surveillance services for our corporate professionals combining experience at the most competitive rate. Cases involving bodily injury where video surveillance is required, starting with two (2) days of surveillance is recommended.

Creativity, timeliness and thoroughness are the ingredients that make for a successful investigation. Clear, concise and informative updates to the client always follow.



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Despite misconceptions to the contrary, domestic investigations do not have to cost a lot of money.  In many circumstances, our clients just want to know what is going on along with the proof to confirm their suspicions.  This can be determined in a relatively short period of time when the case is turned over in its early stages to an experienced licensed private investigator. 

Whether it involves infidelity, a pending divorce or a dispute over child custody, Evidentiary Services LLC brings the proper experience and expertise to meet or exceed our client's expectations. 

Whatever the matter may be and when you've finally had enough, don't wait, call us to discuss your case.

Evidentiary Services LLC is a Saint Paul, Minnesota Based Full Service Investigation Agency

30 Years Of Service

Evidentiary Services LLC is a full service investigation and surveillance agency providing confidential private investigations from attorneys, corporations, small businesses and the general public throughout the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

When it comes to those difficult surveillance situations on personal injury and workers compensation claims, our clients count on Evidentiary Services LLC to come through with the results they need to reduce their exposure to large insurance settlements.

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What you get when you hire Evidentiary Services LLC:

  • Creative lead-gathering with insightful, discreet, neighborhood canvasses

  • Observant surveillance that produces tripod-steady video evidence

  • Professional telephoto and concealed (HD) video camera capabilities

  • Timely, detailed, and informative reports with experienced witness testimony

Evidentiary Services LLC
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Investigation and Surveillance Services - 30 Years of Experience - Licensed in Minnesota and Wisconsin