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Non-Compete Investigations

Investigating Non-Compete Violations: Is your business growing? Do you need to protect your trade secrets and customer lists? Do you have Non-Compete agreements with key employees and executives? Do you suspect that an employee that left your company is violating a valid non-compete agreement? Have you heard that a former employee has opened a similar business to yours or went to one of your key competitors?

Evidentiary Services has been investigating non-compete agreement violations for many years. We know what a business needs with these type of investigations and how to target a former employee that is violating a non-compete agreement. That’s why it’s important for owners and executives to be preemptive and proactive when it comes to potential violators. We can implement the strategies of surveillance, interviewing witnesses and documenting evidence to help you save on potential legal costs and lost business.

Advanced Reporting

Our clients are updated by text, emails and phone calls but for those a little more tech savvy, we provide the latest in online advanced reporting that keeps our clients more organized. Our client’s are provided their own user name and password to assess a website portal where written reports, video, photos, documents and other case related items are kept. A properly prepared and organized case assures a more a successful outcome. This is one of the unique advantages of hiring Evidentiary Services.

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