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Witness Interviews and Statements

Witness Locates/Interviews:  Evidentiary Services is skilled at locating witnesses with direct knowledge to a claim or case.  Once the witness has been found, the next step is to conduct a proper interview so that all vital information is obtained and documented to assist our clients defense.

We are ready to research and locate any potential witness, and not only to locate them, but as skilled interviewers, we are well versed in how to interview to extract the vital information needed for any investigation. Interviewers need to have a special technique in order to achieve the results they desire, which is to get the witness to share the information they have. People do not always like to divulge information, but a proper and professional interviewer is able to overcome the barrier of fear or whatever holds the witness back from talking, and help them give all the information needed. We have a special way with people and are able to help them feel at ease when giving information.

It takes a quality investigator to provide both the location and proper interviews for best results in an investigation. Evidentiary Services has everything in place for the most effective results for the investigation. Not every claim or case requires interviews with witnesses, but when it does become a need, our clients can rest assured knowing that we are on it in and are professional and effective to get the results needed for victory in the claim or case.

Advanced Reporting

Our clients are updated by text, emails and phone calls but for those a little more tech savvy, we provide the latest in online advanced reporting that keeps our clients more organized. Our client’s are provided their own user name and password to assess a website portal where written reports, video, photos, documents and other case related items are kept. A properly prepared and organized case assures a more a successful outcome. This is one of the unique advantages of hiring Evidentiary Services

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