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Background Checks

Comprehensive Background Checks: You have a person you need a background check on. Having accurate information is essential, whether it’s on an injured worker, a party to a lawsuit, a potential witness, or a spouse or an Ex. If there is inaccurate information regarding a case, a lawsuit, an investigation, a claim or a possible criminal record, the whole process is a waste of resources. Evidentiary Services makes good use of all comprehensive resources, and we tap into accurate public sources of information, and other specific sources of information that we have access to, and we provide our clients with the highest level of information possible. With all we are to access and to provide, we are confident that what we are able to give our clients is effectively helping them in all the claims, lawsuits, cases or individuals they are involved in. They are able to proceed with confidence because we are able to provide them with all the research a comprehensive background check needs.

Advanced Reporting

Our clients are updated by text, emails and phone calls but for those a little more tech savvy, we provide the latest in online advanced reporting that keeps our clients more organized. Our client’s are provided their own user name and password to assess a website portal where written reports, video, photos, documents and other case related items are kept. A properly prepared and organized case assures a more a successful outcome. This is one of the unique advantages of hiring Evidentiary Services

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