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Probate and Estates Investigations

Probate, Estates, Wills, Living Wills and Trusts Investigation: Why is a private investigator needed in an estate matter or at probate settlement times? Do you need to locate a missing heir? Or do you need to verify the validity of a possible unknown or questionable heir? These are questions regarding the validity of wills, living wills, trusts, living trusts, estates, etc. when legal issues arise that Evidentiary Services can help with. For example, an heir or heirs named in a will might be unknown to the executor or the estate attorney. We specialize in locating missing heirs. Long lost children or other heirs may need to be located. Or adult children suddenly faced with a parent in an advanced stage of dementia may not know where their parent’s real estate and other holdings are located. Other times, our client may suspect elder fraud by a caregiver or another adult who has taken advantage of an elderly client. This caregiver, who was not properly vetted, may have forged checks on the patient’s account. We can conduct a background investigation on a caregiver or establish the relationship of an unknown heir to the decedent without alerting the target. We are experienced investigators that are assisting estate attorneys and family members in answering these and other questions.

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Advanced Reporting

Our clients are updated by text, emails and phone calls but for those a little more tech savvy, we provide the latest in online advanced reporting that keeps our clients more organized. Our client’s are provided their own user name and password to assess a website portal where written reports, video, photos, documents and other case related items are kept. A properly prepared and organized case assures a more a successful outcome. This is one of the unique advantages of hiring Evidentiary Services.

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