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Employee Theft & Misconduct

Employee Theft & Misconduct Investigations: Have you had company property that is suddenly missing? So you suspect that an employee has been stealing company property? Does it appear something is wrong with wrong with the accounting? Do you believe an employee downloaded your trade secrets or infringed your intellectual property? Has an employee threatened to report you? Do you believe someone in your company has been involved in a sexual misconduct situation? Has a law enforcement agency contracted you for possible company fraud by an employee? Evidentiary Services can help forge a discreet solution to all of these potential claims and situations. It is important to avoid the common mistakes of crisis management: to panic and not to act quickly. You need to have these potential costly problems looked into right away. You want to be prepared for any litigation that any of them may cause. Don’t make hasty decisions; seek experienced help as soon as you find out about any employee theft and questionable company employee misconduct.

Advanced Reporting

Our clients are updated by text, emails and phone calls but for those a little more tech savvy, we provide the latest in online advanced reporting that keeps our clients more organized. Our client’s are provided their own user name and password to assess a website portal where written reports, video, photos, documents and other case related items are kept. A properly prepared and organized case assures a more a successful outcome. This is one of the unique advantages of hiring Evidentiary Services.

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